Storm Constantine

Storm Constantine

StormConstatine_perfilSalford, Reino Unido, 1956 – 2021.

Autora de ciencia ficción y fantasía, conocida mayormente por su saga Wraeththu. Empezó a inventar historias desde muy joven, inspirada por mitos de la antigua Grecia, Egipto y el Tarot. El ocultismo y la mitología siempre serían una fuente de inspiración para ella. Su primera novela, The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, recibió una nominación al Premio Lambda Literary. Su trabajo fue nominado al Premio British Science Fiction, al Premio British Fantasy, al Premio Locus y al Premio Otherwise.

Sus obras brillaron por el tratamiento rompedor que daba a los conceptos de género y sexualidad, y por el gran trato que daba a las relaciones entre personajes. También fue una autora que abrazó la fanficción, animando a sus fans a escribir fanfics de sus historias y enviarlos a las antologías que publicaba.

Además de su trabajo como escritora, fundó una editorial independiente en 2003, Immanion Press, en la que reeditó sus libros, y se implicó en casi todas sus funciones, llegando a ilustrar algunas publicaciones. También fue manager de varios grupos de rock.

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Saga Wraeththu Chronicles
I. The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit (Macdonald, 1987)
II. The Bewitchments of Love and Hate (Macdonald, 1988)
III. The Fulfillments of Fate and Desire (Drunken Dragon Press, 1989)

Saga The Artemis Sequence / Corinna Trogarden
I. The Monstrous Regiment (Orbit, 1991)
II. Aleph (Orbit, 1991)

Saga Grigori Trilogy
I. Stalking Tender Prey (Signet Creed, 1995)
II. Scenting Hallowed Blood (Signet Creed, 1996)
III. Stealing Sacred Fire (Penguin Books, 1997)

Saga The Magravandias Chronicles
I. Sea Dragon Heir (Gollancz, 1998)
II. The Crown of Silence (Gollancz, 2000)
III. The Way of Light (Gollancz, 2001)

Saga Wraeththu Histories
I. The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure (Immanion Press, 2003)
II. The Shades of Time and Memory (Immanion Press, 2004)
III. The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence (Immanion Press, 2005)

Saga The Alba Sulh Sequence
I. The Hienama (Immanion Press, 2005)
II. Student of Kyme (Immanion Press, 2008)
III. The Moonshawl (Immanion Press, 2014)

Saga Grimoire Dehara
I. Kaimana (Immanion Press, 2011)
II. Ulani (Immanion Press, 2016). Con Taylor Ellwood.
III. Nahir Nuri (Immanion Press, 2017). Con Taylor Ellwood.

Hermetech (Headline, 1991)
Burying the Shadow (Headline, 1992)
Sign for the Sacred (Headline, 1993)
Calenture (Headline, 1994)
Thin Air (Warner Books UK, 1999)
Silverheart  (Earthlight, 2000). Con Michael Moorcock.
Blood, the Phoenix and a Rose: An Alchymical Triptych (Immanion Press, 2016)
Breathe, My Shadow (Immanion Press, 2019)

Novela corta

Dancer for the World’s Death (Inception, 1996)


Colurastes (Inception, 1995)
Three Heralds of the Storm (Meisha Merlin, 1997). Contiene:

  • “Such a nice girl”
  • “Last came assimilation”
  • “How enlightenment came to the tower”

The Oracle Lips (Stark House Press, 1999). Contiene:

  • “The Vitreous Suzerain” (1990)
  • “Of a Cat, But Her Skin” (1996) 
  • “Sweet Bruising Skin” (1994) 
  • “Heir to a Tendency”
  • “Remedy of the Bane” (1996) 
  • “The Time She Became” (1990) 
  • “Curse of the Snake” 
  • “Panquilia in the Ruins” 
  • “Candle Magic” (1994) 
  • “Blue Flame of a Candle” (1995) 
  • “By the River of If Only, in the Land of Might Have Been” (1991) 
  • “Immaculate” (1991)
  • “The Rust Islands” (1997) 
  • “Fire Born” (1996)
  • “Nocturne: The Twilight Community” 
  • “As It Flows to the Sea…”  (1989) 
  • “The Oracle Lips” (1997) 
  • “The Deliveress” (1992) 
  • “God Be with You” (1989) 
  • “Angel of the Hate Wind” (1997)
  • “The Feet, They Dance” 
  • “Return to Gehenna” (1996) 
  • “A Change of Season” (1992)
  • Poema: “The Seduction of Angels” 

The Thorn Boy and Other Dreams of Dark Desires (Stark House Press, 2002). Contiene:

  • “The Thorn Boy” (1999)
  • “Spinning for Gold” 
  • “The Nothing Child” 
  • “Living with the Angel” 
  • “The True Destiny of the Heir to Emiraldra” 
  • “My Lady of the Hearth” (1998)
  • “Night’s Damozel” (1998). Con Eloise Coquio.
  • “The Face of Sekt” (2000). Perteneciente a The Magravandias Chronicles.
  • “The Island of Desire” 

Mythophidia (Immanion Press, 2008). Contiene:

  • “Kiss Booties Night-Night”
  • “An Old Passion”
  • “Just His Type”
  • “Remedy of the Bane”
  • “Sweet Bruising Skin”
  • “Curse of the Snake”
  • “Nocturne: The Twilight Community”
  • “Night’s Damozel”
  • “The Heart of Fairen De’ath”
  • “Poisoning the Sea”
  • “Such a Nice Girl”
  • “The Oracle Lips”

Mythangelus (Immanion Press, 2009). Contiene:

  • “Paragenesis”
  • “The Law of Being”
  • “The Green Calling”
  • “Angel of the Hate Wind”
  • “The Feet, They Dance”
  • “Return to Gehenna”
  • “A Change of Season”
  • “How Enlightenment Came to the Tower”
  • “By the River of If Only, in the Land of Might Have Been”
  • “Fireborn”
  • “Heir to a Tendency”
  • “Spinning for Gold”
  • “The Nothing Child”
  • “Living with the Angel”
  • “The Oracle Lips”
  • “Afterlude: Story History”

Mytholumina (Immanion Press, 2010). Contiene:

  • “Immaculate”
  • “The Pleasure Giver Taken”
  • “As it Flows to the Sea”
  • “The College Spirit”
  • “Last Come Assimilation”
  • “Time Beginning at Break of Day”
  • “Did You Ever See Oysters Walking Down the Stairs…?”
  • “The Vitreous Suzerain”
  • “The Rust Islands”
  • “Built on Blood”
  • “God Be With You”
  • “So What’s Forever”
  • “The Germ of Life”

Mythanimus (Immanion Press, 2011). Contiene:

  • “Owlspeak”
  • “An Elemental Tale”
  • “Dancer for the World’s Death”
  • “Panquilia the Ruins”
  • “The Preservation”
  • “Priest of Hands”
  • “Joy in Desire”
  • “The Fool’s Path”
  • “The Time She Became”
  • “Where the Vampires Live”
  • “The Deliveress”
  • “Candle Magic”
  • “Of a Cat But Her Skin…”
  • “The Silver Paladin”
  • “The Farmer’s Bride”

Splinters of Truth (NewCon Press, 2016). Contiene:

  • “Return to Gehenna”
  • “Violet’s House, or Songs the Martyrs Sang”
  • “Do As Thou Wilt”
  • “They Hunt”
  • “The Order of the Scales”
  • “Kiss Booties Night Night”
  • “Colin’s Cough”
  • “Spirit of Place”
  • “The Fool’s Path”
  • “Haven”
  • “The Farmer’s Bride”
  • “Fireborn”
  • “Just His Type”
  • “A Tour of the House”
  • Ensayo: “When the Angels Came” 

A Raven Bound with Lilies: Stories of the Wraeththu Mythos (Immanion Press, 2017). Contiene:

  • “Paragenesis”
  • “Pro Lucror”
  • Poema: “The Resting Place”
  • “By the River of If Only, in the Land of Might Have Been”
  • “Beneath my Skin, a Vein of You”
  • Poema: “Battle Call of the Beast King”
  • “Clouds Like Hair”
  • “Without Weakness”
  • “A Social Incident”
  • “Painted Skin”
  • “The Elle Har”
  • “Beyond a Veil of Stars”
  • “A Tour of the House”
  • “Wraeththu juvenilia and curious”

Mythumbra (Immanion Press, 2018). Contiene:

  • “The Drake Lords of Kyla”
  • “Long Indeed Do We Live”
  • “A Winter Bewitchment”
  • “The Saint’s Well”
  • “At the Sign of the Leering Angel”
  • “Master of None”
  • “In the Earth”
  • “From the Cold Dark Sea”
  • “In Exile”
  • “The Secret Gallery”
  • “The Foretelling”

Mythotenebrae (Immanion Press, 2020) Contiene:

  • “The Bone Fire”
  • “Haven”
  • “Dimmed by a Scattering Cloud”
  • “Violet’s House or Songs the Martyrs Sang”
  • “Down into Silence”
  • “In the Speed of Their Wings Keep Pace”
  • “Spirit of Place”
  • “When He Comes Home Through the Snow”
  • “Colin’s Cough”
  • “When the Angels Came”
  • “La Ténébreuse”
  • “Through the Nighted Gardens”
  • “Priestess of Porsenna”
  • “The Testament of the Kehllcomm”
  • “Metamorphosis, or The Larval Stage of Vulgarity”


The Drabble Project (Beccon Publications, 1988) Relato: “They Hunt”.
Deathwing: Warhammer 40.000 anthology (GW Books, 1990). Relato: “Lacrymata”.
Now We Are Sick: An Anthology of Nasty Verse (DreamHaven Books, 1991). Poema: “In the Dark”.
Paragenesis: Stories of the Dawn of Wraeththu (Immanion Press, 2010). Relatos: “Paragénesis”, “Pro Lucror” y “Early Wraeththu Inspirations”.
Para Imminence: Stories of the Future of Wraeththu (Immanion Press, 2012). Relatos: “A Tour of the House” y “Beyond a Veil of Stars”.
Para Kindred: Enigmas of Wraeththu (Immanion Press, 2014). Relatos: “Painted Skin” y “Without Weakness”.
Night’s Nieces (Immanion Press, 2015). Relatos: “A Spirit of Water” y “In Exile”.
Para Animalia: Creatures of Wraeththu (Immanion Press, 2016). Relatos: “Beneath My Skin a Vein of You” y “Clouds Like Hair”.
Dark in the day (Immanion Press, 2016). Relato: “The Secret Gallery”.
Songs to earth and sky (Immanion Press, 2017). Relatos: “A Message In Ashes”, “The Old Fierce Pull Of Blood” y “Solarisel’s Covenant”. Ensayo: “The Calendar of Wraeththu”.
The darkest midnight in December (Immanion Press, 2017). Relato: “When He Comes Home Through The Snow”.
Para Spectral: Hauntings of Wraeththu (Immanion Press, 2018). Relato: “The Emptiness Next Door”.
Para Mort: Wraeththu Tales Of Love & Death (Immanion Press, 2020). Relatos: “Give Them Darkness” y “The Shade of Q’orlenn”.

No ficción

The Inward Revolution (Warner Books UK, 1998). Con Deborah Benstead.
Bast and Sekhmet: Eyes of Ra (Megalithica Books, 1999). Con Eloise Coquio.
Egyptian Birth Signs: The Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Horoscope (Thorsons, 2002)
Sekhem Heka: A Natural Healing and Self Development System (Megalithica Books, 2008)
What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been: Wilderness Tips for World of Warcraft (Immanion Press, 2011)
Whatnots & Curios: A Selection of Articles and Reviews (Immanion Press, 2015)
SHE: Primal Meetings with the Dark Goddess (Megalithica Books, 2019). Con Andrew Collins.
Coming Forth By Day: A System of Khemetic Magic (Megalithica Books, 2019)

Juego de rol

Wraeththu: From Enchantment to Fulfilment (Immanion Press, 2005)

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