Angela Slatter

Angela Slatter

angelaslatter_perfilBrisbane, Australia, 1967.

Angela Slatter tiene un grado y un doctorado en Escritura Creativa por la Clarion South y la Tin House Summer Writers Workshop. Ocasionalmente enseña escritura creativa en la Universidad Tecnológica de Queensland.

Ha ganado multitud de veces el Premio Aurealis en distintas categorías (mejor colección, mejor historia corta de terror, mejor historia corta de fantasía), así como el Australian Shadows. En 2012 ganó el British Fantasy a Mejor Historia Corta, y en 2014 el Premio World Fantasy a Mejor Colección.

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Serie Verity Fassbinder
I. Vigil (Jo Fletcher Books, 2016)
II. Corpselight (Jo Fletcher Books, 2017). Premio Australian Shadows 2017 a Mejor Novela.
III. Restoration (Jo Fletcher Books, 2018)

All the murmuring bones (Titan Books, 2021)
Morwood (Titan Books, 2022)


The girl with no hands and other tales (Ticonderoga Publications, 2010). Premio Aurealis 2010 a Mejor Colección.
Midnight and Moonshine (Ticonderoga Publications, 2012). Con Lisa L. Hannett.
Flight (PS Publishing, 2012). Ilustrada por Kathleen Jennings.
The bitterwood bible and other recountings (Tartarus Press, 2014). Premio World Fantasy 2014 a Mejor Colección.
Black-winged angels (Ticonderoga Publications, 2014)
The female factory (Twelfth Planet Press, 2014). Con Lisa Hannett. Premio Aurealis 2014 a Mejor Colección.
Winter children and other chilling tales (PS Publishing, 2016). Contiene:

  • “Only the Dead and the Moonstruck”
  • “Cuckoo”
  • “The Burning Circus”
  • “Home and Hearth”
  • “Winter Children”
  • “Pale Tree House”
  • “The Red Forest”
  • “The Song of Sighs”
  • “The Dead Ones Don’t Hurt You”
  • “Sun Falls”
  • “The Way of All Flesh”
  • “The October Widow”

A feast of sorrows: Stories (Prime books, 2016). Premio Aurealis 2016 a Mejor Colección. Contiene:

  • “Sourdough”
  • “Dresses, Three”
  • “Bluebeard’s Daughter”
  • “The Jacaranda Wife”
  • “Light as Mist, Heavy as Hope”
  • “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter”
  • “By the Weeping Gate”
  • “St. Dymphna’s School for Poison Girls”
  • “By My Voice I Shall Be Known”
  • “Sister, Sister”
  • “The Badger Bride”
  • “The Tallow-Wife”
  • “What Shines Brightest Burns Most Fiercely”
  • “Bearskin”

The heart is a mirror for sinners and other stories (PS Publishing, 2020). Premio Aurealis 2020 a Mejor Colección.
Masa madre y otros relatos (Dilatando mentes, 2021). [Sourdough and Other Stories, Tartarus Press, 2010]. Contiene:

  • “El árbol de sombra”
  • “Las bayas del ahorcado”
  • “Hermanita, hermanita”
  • “Rabanito”
  • “Dibblespin”
  • “El navegante”
  • “El bosque del ángel”
  • “Ceniza”
  • “La historia de un tatuaje”
  • “Cosas perdidas”
  • “Un buen marido”
  • “Un alma de porcelana”
  • “Los huesos lo recuerdan todo”
  • “Masa Madre”
  • “Pórticos y lavanda”
  • “Bajo la montaña”

The tallow-wife and other tales (Tartarus Press, 2021). Contiene:

  • “The Promise of Saints”
  • “The Tallow-Wife”
  • “What Shines Brightest Burns Most Fiercely”
  • “Embers and Ash”
  • “Bearskin”
  • “The Nightingale and the Rose”
  • “Of Ghosts and Glory”
  • “A Stitch in Time”
  • “Sleeping Like Snow”
  • “Crossroads”
  • “And A Young Husband to Bury Me”
  • “By Such Paths”


Strange Tales II (Tartarus Press, 2007). Relato: “Sourdough”.
Dreaming again (Harper Collins, 2008). Relato: “The Jacaranda Wife”.
Canterbury 2100 (Dirk Flinthart, 2008). Relato: “The nun’s tale”.
2012 (Twelfth Planet Press, 2008). Relato: “I love you like water”.
Stranger Tales III (Tartarus Press, 2009). Relato: “Sister, sister”.
Needles & Bones (Drollerie Press, 2009). Relato: “Light as mist, heavy as hope”.
New Ceres Nights (Twelfth Planet Press, 2009). Relato: “The piece of ice in Miss Windermere’s Heart”.
Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded (Tachyon Publications, 2010). Relato: “The curious case of physically-manifested bedsheet mania & other tales”. Con Lisa Hannett.
Worlds next door (FableCroft, 2010). Relato: “Genevieve and the dragon”.
Scary Kisses (Ticonderoga Publications, 2010). Relato: “The February dragon”. Con Lisa Hannett. Premio Aurealis 2010 a Mejor Relato.
Sprawl (Twelfth Planet Press, 2010). Relato: “Brisneyland by night”.
A book of horrors (Jo Fletcher Books, 2011). Relato: “The Coffin-maker’s daughter”. Premio British Fantasy 2011 a mejor historia corta.
Dead red heart (Ticonderoga Publications, 2011). Relato: “Sun falls”.
Damnation and dames (Ticonderoga Publications, 2012). Relato: “Prohibition blues”.
Once upon a time: New fairy tales (Prime books, 2013). Relato: “Flight”.
A killer among demons (Dark Prints Press, 2013). Relato: “Cuckoo”.
Weirder Shadows over Innsmouth (Fedogan & Bremer, 2013). Relato: “The song of sighs”.
The British fantasy society horror anthology (Constable and Robinson, 2013). Relato: “The burning circus”.
Fearie tales: the stories of the Grimm and Gruesome (Jo Fletcher Books, 2013). Relato: “By the weeping gate”.
Zombie apocalypse: endgame! (Constable & Robinson, 2014). Relato: “Red dust, white earth”.
Letters to Lovecraft (Stone Skin Press, 2014). Relato: “Only the Dead and the moonstruck”.
Suspended in dusk (Books of the Dead Press, 2014). Relato: “The way of all flesh”.
Stranger tales IV (Tartarus Press, 2014). Relato: “The badger bride”.
The spectral book of horror stories (Spectral Press, 2014). Relato: “The October widow”.
Dreams of shadow and smoke: stories for J. S. Le Fanu (Swan River Press, 2014). Relato: “Let the words take you”.
Horrorology: The lexicon of fear (Jo Fletcher Books, 2015). Relato: “Ripper”.
Dead letters (Titan Books, 2016). Relato: “Change management”.
Dreaming in the dark (PS Publishing, 2016). Relato: “Neither time nor tears”.
Best British horror 2: Dark Satanic Mills (Black Shuck Books, 2017). Relato: “Our lady of wicker bridge”.
The Lovecraft squad: Waiting (Pegasus Books, 2017). Relato: “Prologue: Howard’s way”.
The Mammoth book of mummies (Constable and Robinson, 2017). Relato: “Egyptian revival”.
Hark! The Herald angels screams (Blumhouse Books, 2018). Relato: “Honor thy mother”.
Gaslight Gothic: Eerie Tales of Sherlock Holmes (Edge SF & F, 2018). Relato: “A matter of light”.
The year’s dark fantasy and horror (Prime books, 2019). Relato: “When we fall, we forget”.
Hex Life: Wicked new tales of witchery (Titan books, 2019). Relato: “Widows’ walk”.
A miscellany of death (Egaeus Press, 2019). Relato: “The promise of saints”.
The Lovecraft squad: rising (Pegasus Books, 2019). Relato: “Out of time”.
Wonderland: an anthology (Titan Books, 2019). Relato: “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”.
She walks in shadows (Innsmouth Free Press, 2020). Relato: “Lavinia’s Wood”.
Cursed: An anthology of dark fairy tales (Titan Books, 2020). Relato: “New Vine”.
Strange Tales: Tartarus press at 30 (Tartarus Press, 2020). Relato: “The three burdens of Nest Wynne”.
After sundown (Flame Tree Press, 2020). Relato: “Same time next year”.
The heart is a mirror for sinners and other stories (PS Publishing, 2020). Relato: “Reading off the curriculum”.


“The Little Match Girl”, en Shimmer n.º 2 (2006)
“Bluebeard’s Daughter”, en SQ Magazine (2015)
“Bluebeard”, en Shimmer n.º 4 (2006)
“The Angel Wood”, en Shimmer n.º 5 (2006)
“The Juniper Tree”, en Lady Churchill’s Rosewud Wristlet n.º 18 (2006)
“Red Skein”, en Walking bones magazine (2006)
“Pressina’s Daughters”, en ONSPEC: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic n.º 71 (2007)
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“Sunday Drivers”, en The Daily Cabal (2008)
“Things Best Left Alone”, en The Daily Cabal (2008)
“Seek”, en The Daily Cabal (2008)
“Brisneyland by Night”, en The Daily Cabal (2008)
“The Problem of Thorns”, en The Daily Cabal (2008)
“The girl with no hands”, en Lady Churchill’s Roswbud wristlet (2008)
“Dresses, three”, en Shimmer (invierno de 2008)
“The hummingbird heart”, en Shimmer (primavera de 2008)
“Little Radish”, en Crimson Highway (febrero de 2008)
“The Chrysanthemum bride”, en Fantasy Magazine (2009)
“Words”, en The Lifted Brow n.º 5 (2009)
“Frozen” en Mort Castle’s Doorways Magazine n.º 8 (2009)
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“Brisneyland by Night – Part Four”, en The Daily Cabal (2009)
“Aeaea Street”, en The Daily Cabal (2009)
“Lantern”, en The Daily Cabal (2009)
“The Impatient Dead”, en The Daily Cabal (2009)
“Hermione’s Farewell”, en The Daily Cabal (2009)
“Red New Day”, en The Daily Cabal (2009)
“Foundation”, en The Daily Cabal (2009)
“Beggar-maid”, en The Daily Cabal (2009)
“Binoorie”, en The Daily Cabal (2009)
“Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean”, en This is horror (2012)
“By my voice I shall be known”, en The Dark (2013)
“Home and Heart”, en Spectral press chapbook series (2014). Premio Aurealis 2014 a Mejor Relato de Terror.
“St. Dymphna’s School for Poison Girls”, en Review of Australian Fiction vol. 9, n.º 3 (septiembre de 2014). Premio Aurealis 2014 a Mejor Relato de Fantasía.
“Rising, not dreaming”, en Dark Magazine (2015)
“Of sorrow and such”, en (2015). Premio Ditmar 2015 a Mejor Novela Corta.
“Bearskin”, en The Dark (2015)
“Tin Soldier”, en Dark Discoveries magazine (2016)
“Finnegan’s Field”, en (2016)
“Better Angels”, en The review of Australian fiction (2017)
“The little mermaid, in passing”, en The review of Australian fiction (2017)
“Run, rabbit”, en (2017)
“Winderling”, en The Dark Magazine (2019)
«The Wrong Girl”, en Nightmare Magazine (2020)
“No Good Deed”, en The Dark Magazine (2020)
“The Names of the Drowned are These”, en Relics, Wrecks and Ruins (2021)
“The Summer Husband”, en Weird Winter Tales (2021)

Cómic (como guionista)

Hellboy: an assortment of horror (Dark Horse, 2017). Historia: “To bell the cat”.

No ficción

“Tin House: What I Did On My Summer Vacation”, en Writing Queensland (2006)
“Postcard from Tin House”, en Writing Queensland (2006)
“To Review or Not to Review”, en Writing Queensland (2007)
Zen and the Art of PhD Maintenance”, en The Definite Article (2007)
“Getting Published: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, en Writing Queensland (2008). Con Katherine Lyall-Watson.
“Little Red Riding Hood: Life off the Path”, en Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest, Volumen 1 (2008)
“Finding a Literary Agent: The Ugly Truth”, en The Australian Writer’s Marketplace (2010)
“The Enduring Power of Fairy Tales”, en WQ – The Adaptation Issue (2011)
“Short Stories: A Breach in the Everyday”, en WQ – The Technical Issue (2012)
“Crafting through critiquing: how to shape your short story”, en The Australian Writer’s Marketplace, 12th edition, 2012/13 (2012)
“Online Presence: Pros, Perils and Possibilities”, en The Writing Platform (2014)

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