Tanith Lee


Tanith Lee

TanithLee_perfilLondres, Reino Unido, 1947 — Sussex Oriental, Reino Unido, 2015.

Fue un referente en la literatura de género. Antes de poder dedicarse a la escritura a tiempo completo, fue archivista, asistente de librería, dependienta y camarera. Llegó a escribir más de 77 novelas, 10 colecciones y casi 300 relatos. 

Ganó el Premio World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement en el 2015 por su carrera, el Premio World Horror Convention Grand Master en 1980, el World Fantasy en 1983 y 1984 y también fue la primera mujer en ganar el Premio British Fantasy.

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Trilogía Birthgrav

I. The Birthgrave (DAW Books, 1975)
II. Vazkor, Son of Vazkor (DAW Books, 1978)
III. Quest for the White Witch (DAW Books, 1978)

Trilogía Wars of Vis

I. The Storm Lord (DAW Books, 1976)
Anackire (DAW Books, 1983)
III. The White Serpent (DAW Books, 1988)

Bilogía Don’t Bite the Sun

I. Don’t Bite the Sun (DAW Books, 1976)
Drinking Sapphire Wine (DAW Books, 1977)

Bilogía Sabella

I. Sabella or The Blood Stone (DAW Books, 1980)
Kill the Dead (DAW Books, 1980)

Bilogía Silver Metal Lover

I. The Silver Metal Lover (DAW Books, 1981)
Metallic Love (Bantam Spectra, 2005)

Tetralogía The Secret Books of Venus

I. Faces Under Water (The Overlook Press, 1998)
Saint Fire (The Overlook Press, 1999)
III. A Bed of Earth (The Overlook Press, 2002)
Venus Preserved (The Overlook Press, 2003)

Trilogía Blood Opera

I. Dark Dance (Macdonald, 1992)
Personal Darkness (Little Brown, 1993)
III. Darkness, I (Little Brown, 1994)

Trilogía Lionwolf

I. Cast a Bright Shadow (Tor, 2004)
Here in Cold Hell (Tor, 2005)
III. No Flame But Mine (Tor, 2007)

Saga Colouring Book

I. L’Amber (Egerton House Publishing, 2006)
Greyglass (Immanion Press, 2011)
III. To Indigo (Immanion Press, 2011)
Killing Violets: God’s Dog (Immanion Press, 2012)
Ivoria (Immanion Press, 2012)
Cruel Pink (Immanion Press, 2013)
VII. Turquoiselle (Immanion Press, 2014)

Saga Tales of the Flat Earth

I. El señor de la noche (Martínez Roca, 1986) / El señor de la noche (Duermevela Ediciones, 2022). [Night’s Master, DAW Books, 1978). Premio Gigamesh.
Death’s Master (DAW Books, 1979). Premio BFA.
III. Delusion’s Master (DAW Books, 1981)
Delirium’s Mistress (DAW Books, 1986)
Night’s Sorceries (DAW Books, 1987)


The Dragon Hoard (Macmillan UK, 1971)
Sung in Shadow (DAW Books, 1975)
Volkhavaar (Martínez Roca, 1985). [Volkhavaar, DAW Books, 1977]. Premio Gigamesh.
East of Midnight (Macmillan UK, 1977)
Electric Forest (DAW Books, 1979)
Day by Night (DAW Books, 1980)
Hijos de lobos (Martínez Roca, 1988). [Lycanthia or The Children of Wolves, DAW Books, 1981]
Días de hierba (Edaf, 1990). [Days of Grass, DAW Books, 1985]
A Heroine of the World (DAW Books, 1989)
The Blood of Roses (Legend, 1990)
Heart-Beast (Headline, 1992)
Elephantasm (Headline, 1993)
Eva Fairdeath (Headline, 1994)
Vivia (Little Brown UK, 1995)
Reigning Cats and Dogs (Headline, 1995)
When the Lights Go Out (Headline, 1996)
The Gods Are Thirsty (The Overlook Press, 2000)
White as Snow (Tor, 2003)
Mortal Suns (The Overlook Press, 2003)

No fantásticas

Death of the Day (Egerton House Publishing, 2004)

Novelas juveniles

Bilogía Castle of Dark

I. The Castle of Dark (Macmillan UK, 1978)
Prince on a White Horse (Macmillan UK, 1982)

Trilogía Unicornio

I. El unicornio negro (Timun Mas, 1993). [Black Unicorn, Atheneum/Macmillan, 1991]
Gold Unicorn (Atheneum/Macmillan, 1994)
III. Red Unicorn (Atheneum/Macmillan, 1997)

Tetralogía Claidi Journals / Wolf Tower

I. Law of the Wolf Tower (Hodder Children’s Books, 1998)
Wolf Star Rise (Hodder Children’s Books, 2000)
III. Queen of the Wolves (Hodder Children’s Books, 2001)
Wolf Wing (Hodder Children’s Books, 2002)

Trilogía Castle of Dark

I. Piráctica (Roca Junior, 2006). [Piratica, Hodder Children’s Books, 2004]
Piráctica II: El regreso a la Isla del Loro (Roca Junior, 2007). [Piractica II: Return to Parrot Island, Hodder Children’s Books, 2006]
III. The Family Sea (Hodder Children’s Books, 2007)


Shon the Taken (DAW Books, 1979)
Voyage of the Basset: Islands in the Sky (Tandom House, 1999)
Indigara, or, Jet and Otis Conquer the World (Firebird, 2007)

Novelas cortas

Bilogía Jaisel

I. Northern Chess (DAW Books, 1979)
Southern Lights (DAW Books, 1982)


The Betrothed (Slughorn Press, 1968)
Animal Castle (Macmillan UK, 1972)
The Beautiful Biting Machine (Cheap Street, 1984)
Madame Two Swords (Donald M. Grant, 1989)
Louisa the Poisoner (Wildside Press, 1995)

[Título] Colecciones

Princess Hynchatti & Some Other Surprises (Macmillan UK, 1972). Incluye:

  • “Princess Hynchatti”
  • “Prince Brendran”
  • “Princess Sansu”
  • “Prince Chirrad”
  • “Princess Cleofern”
  • “Prince Friedal”
  • “Princess Dahli”
  • “Prince Amilec”
  • “Princess Gesnyl”
  • “Prince Chesorith”
  • “Princess Nathit”
  • “Prince Ulan”

Companions on the Road and The Winter Players (Macmillan UK, 1972). Incluye:

  • “Companions on the Road”
  • “The Winter Players”

Unsilent Night (NESFA Press, 1981). Incluye:

  • “Sirriamnis”
  • “Cyrion in Wax”

Cyrion (DAW Books, 1982). Incluye:

  • “The Murderous Dove”
  • “A Hero at the Gates”
  • “Perfidious Amber”
  • “One Night of the Year”
  • “Cyrion in Bronze”
  • “Cyrion in Wax”
  • “1st Interlogue”
  • “2nd Interlogue”
  • “3rd Interlogue”
  • “4th Interlogue”
  • “5th Interlogue”
  • “6th Interlogue”
  • “7th Interlogue”
  • “A Lynx with Lions”
  • “Cyrion”
  • “Cyrion in Stone”
  • “Epilogue”
  • “Prologue: The Honey Garden”

Red As Blood or Tales from the Sisters Grimmer (DAW Books, 1983). Incluye:

  • “Paid Piper”
  • “Red As Blood”
  • “Thorns”
  • “When the Clock Strikes”
  • “The Golden Rope”
  • “The Princess and Her Future”
  • “Wolfland”
  • “Black as Ink”
  • “Beauty”

Tamastara, or The Indian Nights (DAW Books, 1984). Incluye:

  • “Foreign Skins”
  • “Bright Burning Tiger”
  • “Chand Veda”
  • “Under the Hand of Chance”
  • “The Ivory Merchants”
  • “Oh, Shining Star”
  • “Tamastara”

The Gorgon and Other Beastly Tales (DAW Books, 1985). Incluye:

  • “The Gorgon”
  • “Anna Medea”
  • “Meow”
  • “The Hunting of Death: The Unicorn”
  • “Magritte’s Secret Agent”
  • “Monkey’s Stagger”
  • “Sirriamnis”
  • “Because Our Skins Are Finer”
  • “Quatt-Sup”
  • “Draco, Draco”
  • “La Reine Blanche”

Dreams of Dark and Light (Arkham House, 1986). Incluye:

  • “Because Our Skins Are Finer”
  • “Bite-Me-Not or, Fleur de Fur”
  • “Black as Ink”
  • “Bright Burning Tiger”
  • “Cyrion in Wax”
  • “A Day in the Skin”
  • “The Dry Season”
  • “Elle Est Trois, (La Mort)”. Premio World Fantasy.
  • “Foreign Skins”
  • “The Gorgon”
  • “La Reine Blanche”
  • “A Lynx with Lions”
  • “Magritte’s Secret Agent”
  • “Medra”
  • “Nunc Dimittis”
  • “Odds Against the Gods”
  • “A Room with a Vie”
  • “Sirriamnis”
  • “Southern Lights”
  • “Tamastara”
  • “When the Clock Strikes”
  • “Wolfland”
  • “Written in Water”

The secret Books of Paradys: The Book of the Beast (Unwin Paperbacks, 1988).
The secret Books of Paradys: The Book of the Damned (Unwin Paperbacks, 1988). Incluye:

  • “Stained with Crimson”
  • “Malice in Saffron”
  • “Empires of Azure”

Forests of the Night (Unwin Hyman, 1989). Incluye:

  • “Blood-Mantle”
  • “The Gorgon”
  • “The Tree: A Winter’s Tale”
  • “I Was Guillotined Here”
  • “Crying in the Rain”
  • “Elle Est Trois, (La Mort)”
  • “Nicholas”
  • “The Hunting of Death: The Unicorn”
  • “A Madonna of the Machine”
  • “Red As Blood”
  • “The Rakshasa”
  • “Bite Me Not or Fleur de Fur”
  • “By Crystal Light Beneath One Star”
  • “La Reine Blanche”
  • “Sweet Grapes”
  • “The Tenebris Malgraph”
  • “Black as a Rose”
  • “Rachel”
  • “Down Below”
  • “White As Sin, Now”

Mujeres: ángeles o demonios (Ediciones Heptada, 1990). [Women As Demons, The Women’s Press, 1989]. Incluye:

  • “La mujer demonio”
  • “Deux Amours d’une Sorcière”
  • “El guante no correspondido”
  • “Gemelos”
  • “En oro”
  • “El rubor de Lancaster”
  • “Eres mi sol”
  • “Aquel que fuimos”
  • “La tregua”
  • “El relato del escudero”
  • “Tierra conocida”
  • “Blancura de invierno”
  • “Escrito con agua”
  • “Ilusión y magia”
  • “El deshielo”
  • “Ajedrez en el norte

The secret Books of Paradys: The Book of the Dead (The Overlook Press, 1991). Incluye:

  • “The Weasel Bride”
  • “The Nightmare’s Tale”
  • “Beautiful Lady”
  • “Morcara’s Room”
  • “The Marble Web”
  • “Lost in the World”
  • “The Glass Dagger”
  • “The Moon is a Mask”

The secret Books of Paradys: The Book of the Mad (The Overlook Press, 1993).
Nightshades: Thirteen Journeys into Shadow (Headline, 1993). Incluye:

  • “Nightshade”
  • “The Mermaid”
  • “After the Guillotine”
  • “Meow”
  • “Il Bacio (Il Chiave)”
  • “A Room with a Vie”
  • “Paper Boat”
  • “Blue Vase of Ghosts”
  • “Pinewood”
  • “The Janfia Tree”
  • “The Devil’s Rose”
  • “Huzdra”
  • “Three Days”

Tempting the Gods (Wildside Press, 2009). Incluye:

  • “Tiger I”
  • “Death Loves Me”
  • “Anna Medea”
  • “Ondralume”
  • “After I Killed Her”
  • “God and the Pig”
  • “The Kingdoms of the Air”
  • “Eustace”
  • “These Beasts”
  • “Cain”
  • “The Lady of Shalott House”
  • “Where Does the Town Go at Night”

Hunting the Shadows (Wildside Press, 2009). Incluye:

  • “The Woman in Scarlett”
  • “Zelle’s Thursday”
  • “Unlocking the Golden Cage”
  • “The Eye in the Heart”
  • “Vermilia”
  • “Flower Water”
  • “Doll Skulls”
  • “Queens in Crimson”
  • “All the Birds of Hell”
  • “The Persecution Machine”
  • “Antonius Bequeathed”
  • “One for Sorrow”

Ghosteria Volume 1: The Stories (Immanion Press, 2009). Incluye:

  • “Ablan”
  • “The Abortionist’s Horse (A Nightmare)”
  • “Blue Vase of Ghosts”
  • “The Ghost (in Two Letters)
  • “The Ghost of the Clock”
  • “The Lady of Shalott House”
  • “The Minstrel’s Tale”
  • “A Night on the Hill”
  • “Seeing, Believing”
  • “The Sky Won’t Listen”
  • “The Squire’s Tale”
  • “Tan”
  • “Thuvia Made of Mars (Spilt Milk)”
  • “The Winter Ghosts”
  • “Yesterday”
  • “Yesternight”

Sounds and Furies (TaLeKa, 2010). Incluye:

  • “Where All Things Perish”
  • “Midday People”
  • “Cold Fire”
  • “Crying in the Rain”
  • “We All Fall Down”
  • “The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald”
  • “The Isle Is Full of Noises”

Disturbed by Her Song (Lethe Presss, 2010). Incluye:

  • “Alexandrians”
  • “Black Eyed Susan”
  • “The Crow”
  • “Death and the Maiden”
  • “Disturbed By Her Song”
  • “Fleurs en Hiver”
  • “The Kiss”
  • “Ne Que V’on Desir”
  • “The X’s Are Not Kisses”

Cold Grey Stones (NewCon Press, 2012). Incluye:

  • “Clockatrice”
  • “Malicious Springs”
  • “The Greyve”
  • “The Heart of Ice”
  • “Calinnen”
  • “En Forêt Noire”
  • “Fr’eulogy”
  • “The God Orkrem”
  • “In the Country of the Blind”
  • “My Heart: A Stone”
  • “Killing Her”

Animate Objects (Immanion Press, 2013). Incluye:

  • “The Occasional Table”
  • “Torhec the Sculptor”
  • “Doll Re Mi”
  • “A House on Fire”
  • “La Dame”
  • “The Pretty Knife”
  • “The Bench”

Space Is Just a Starry Night (Aqueduct Press, 2013). Incluye:

  • “The Beautiful Biting Machine”
  • “Moon Wolf”
  • “Felixity”
  • “The Thaw”
  • “You Are My Sunshine”
  • “With a Flaming Sword”
  • “Black Fire”
  • “Written in Water”
  • “Tonight I Can Sleep Quietly”
  • “Stalking the Leopard”
  • “Dead Yellow”
  • “By Crystal Light Beneath One Star”
  • “A Day in the Skin (or, The Century We Were Out of Them)”
  • “Within the Ghost”

Colder Greyer Stones (NewCon Press, 2013). Incluye:

  • “Malicious Springs”
  • “The Heart of Ice”
  • “En Forêt Noire”
  • “The God Orkrem”
  • “Clockatrice”
  • “In Praise of Happy Accidents: An Introduction”
  • “The Greyve”
  • “Calinnen”
  • “Fr’eulogy”
  • “In the Country of the Blind”
  • “My Heart: A Stone”
  • “Killing Her”
  • “The Frost Watcher”

Phantasya (Leaves of Gold Press, 2014). Incluye:

  • “Black as a Rose”
  • “Book Cover”
  • “Clounden”
  • “Deux Amours d’une Sorcière” 
  • “Flowers for Faces, Thorns for Feet”
  • “Foolish, Wicked, Clever and Kind”
  • “The Girl Who Lost Her Looks”
  • “Jade-Eye”
  • “The Lancastrian Blush”
  • “Mirage and Magia”
  • “Odds Against the Gods”
  • “The One We Were”
  • “The Pale Girl, the Dark Mage, and the Green Sea”
  • “Questorday”
  • “Sleeping Tiger”
  • “The Tale of the Tailor’s Tail”
  • “White As Sin, Now”
  • “The Witch of the Moon”
  • “Zinder”

Ghosteria Volume 2: Zircons May Be Mistaken (Immanion Press, 2014)
Dancing Through the Fire (Fantastic Books, 2015). Incluye:

  • “Dancing Through the Fire”
  • “Death Dances”
  • “The Death of Death”
  • “That Glisters Is”
  • “My Lovely”
  • “The Flame”
  • “Fold”
  • “Last Dancer”
  • “In the City of Dead Night”
  • “Sold”
  • “The World Well Lost”
  • “Lora”
  • “Medra”
  • “Unnalash”
  • “Comfort and Despair”
  • “Burn Her”
  • “The Sequence of Swords and Hearts”

Blood 20: Tales of Vampire Horror (Telos Publishing, 2015). Incluye:

  • “On Reflection”
  • “Bite-Me-Not or Fleur de Fur”
  • “The Vampire Lover”
  • “Winter Flowers”
  • “Il Bacio (Il Chiave)”
  • “Blood Chess”
  • “The Isle Is Full of Noises”
  • “Israbel”
  • “Remember Me”
  • “Night Visitor”
  • “The Third Horseman”
  • “Mirror, Mirror”
  • “Nunc Dimittis”
  • “La Vampiresse”
  • “Scarabesque: The Girl Who Broke Dracula”
  • “Vermilia”
  • “Vhone”
  • “Real And Vire”
  • “The Beautiful Biting Machine”
  • “Beyond the Sun”

Legenda Maris (Immanion Press, 2015). Incluye:

  • “Paper Boat”
  • “Girls in Green Dresses”
  • “Magritte’s Secret Agent”
  • “Lace-Maker, Blade-Taker, Grave-Breaker, Priest”
  • “Under Fog”
  • “The Sea Was in Her Eyes”
  • “Because Our Skins Are Finer”
  • “Leviathan”
  • “Where Does the Town Go at Night?”
  • “Land’s End, The Edge of the Sea”
  • “Xoanon”

A Different City (Immanion Press, 2015). Incluye:

  • “Not Stopping at Heaven”
  • “Idoll”
  • “The Portrait in Gray”

Redder Than Blood (DAW Books, 2017). Incluye:

  • “Redder Than Blood”
  • “Snow-Drop”
  • “Magpied”
  • “She Sleeps in a Tower”
  • “Awake”
  • “Love in Waiting”
  • “The Reason for Not Going to the Ball (A Letter to Cinderella from Her Stepmother)”
  • “Midnight”
  • “Empire of Glass”
  • “Rapunzel”
  • “Open Your Window, Golden Hair”
  • “Kiss Kiss”
  • “Into Gold”
  • “Blood-Mantle”
  • “Wolfed”
  • “My Life as a Swan”
  • “The Beast”
  • “The Beast and Beauty”
  • “Below the Sun Beneath”

The Weird Tales of Tanith Lee (Immanion Press, 2017)
Tanith by Choice: The Best of Tanith Lee (NewCon Press, 2017). Incluye:

  • “After the Guillotine”
  • “Medra”
  • “Red As Blood”
  • “The Gorgon”. Premio World Fantasy.
  • “White As Sin, Now”
  • “Jedella Ghost”
  • “Cold Fire”
  • “The Ghost of the Clock”
  • “Bite-Me-Not or Fleur de Fur”
  • “The Isle Is Full of Noises”
  • “Taken at His Word”
  • “The Crow”

Venus Burning: Realms (Immanion Press, 2018)
Tanith Lee A-Z (Lee Telos Publishing, 2018). Incluye:

  • “All the Birds of Hell”
  • “Black and White Sky”
  • “Cain”
  • “The Devil’s Rose”
  • “The Eye in the Heart”
  • “Flowers for Faces, Thorns for Feet”
  • “God and the Pig”
  • “The Hill”
  • “In the City of Dead Night”
  • “Jedella Ghost”
  • “Kiss Kiss”
  • “Lost in the World”
  • “A Madonna of the Machine”
  • “The Nightmare’s Tale”
  • “Oh, Shining Star”
  • “The Pandora Heart”
  • “Queens in Crimson”
  • “Rherlotte”
  • “Snowdrop”
  • “These Beasts”
  • “Under Fog”
  • “Virgile, the Widow”
  • “White As Sin, Now”
  • “Xoanon”
  • “Yellow and Red”
  • “Zelle’s Thursday”

Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata and Other Uncollected Tales (Immanion Press, 2019)
Love in a Time of Dragons & Other Rare Tales (Immanion Press, 2019)
A Wolf at the Door and Other Rare Tales (Immanion Press, 2017). Incluye:

  • “Huzdra”
  • “A Wolf at the Door”
  • “Venus Rising on Water”
  • “The Puma’s Daughter”
  • “The Return of Berenice”
  • “Sea Wharg”
  • “Table Manners”
  • “The Werewolf”
  • “The Janfia Tree”
  • “Tiger I”
  • “Pinewood”
  • “Nightshade”
  • “Why Light?”

The Heart of the Moon (Immanion Press, 2019). Incluye:

  • “The Heart of the Moon”
  • “The Dry Season”

The Empress of Dreams (DMR Books, 2019). Incluye:

  • “Odds Against the Gods”
  • “Sleeping Tiger”
  • “The Demoness”
  • “The Sombrus Tower”
  • “Winter White”
  • “In the Balance”
  • “Northern Chess”
  • “Southern Lights”
  • “Mirage and Magia”
  • “The Three Brides of Hamid-Dar”
  • “The Pain of Glass”
  • “These Beasts”
  • “Two Lions, a Witch, and the War-Robe”
  • “A Tower of Arkrondurl”
  • “The Woman in Scarlet”
  • “Evillo the Uncunning”

[Título] Antologías

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No fantásticos

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No ficción


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Esther Garber


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Judas Garbah


“Alexandrians”, “The Crow”, “Fleurs en Hiver” y “Ne Que V’on Desir”, en Disturbed by Her Song (Lethe Press, 2010)

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